Refugees: At Home in America


"Why do they hate us..."

This was a question asked of me by a Muslim friend when I was in college. 

We were discussing how people I knew talked about Muslims, when they were in private

Immigration has been a hot button issue politically for years now. Recently however, it seems that the topic of discussion has switched from "illegals" to that of refugees, with many people afraid of people moving to the United States as an escape from dangerous situations such as war zones, famine, persecution or other issues. 

The whirlwind discussion over this topic reached its peak when Kellyanne Conway blamed refugees for the "Bowling Green Massacre" as an excuse to justify President Donald Trump's first attempted travel ban. 

While most people laughed at the idea of Conway making up fake terrorist attacks, it didn't stop many from claiming that refugees are dangerous and that they fail to integrate into American society. 

The goal of this ongoing photo project is to show the true face of refugees in Kentucky.

Men, women and children from across the world come to Kentucky to escape difficulty and pursue a better life. 

Are they really that different from us?